Birth of a GodChild 10 Pack

(NON Stapled version)

Non-Stapled Version is compliant with prison requirements of having No staples. These small booklets can be mailed directly to a facility in the matching envelope and require only 1 stamp. Birth of a GodChild is a valuable resource for ministry and can also be purchased in bulk at a reduced rate. Just contact us. Our Goal is to take GodChild to Every County!  MyChatCards are more than a's a conversation! Birth of a GodChild brings a personal message that you are valuable and chosen by God. Birth of a GodChild shares salvation, love of Father God, and practical steps to overcome past failures. The short story says more than a card ever could, yet less than a book. The size of the minibook is 4.25" x 6.25", is 16 pages long, and is shipped with a matching envelope.


Price: $20.00


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