About Reba Wilson

Reba Wilson and husband, Garry, reside in Chelsea, Oklahoma where they pastor The Sanctuary Christian Worship Center. They have two children, Garret and Kinda.

Reba is an ordained minister through Victory Fellowship of Ministries in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a gifted minister, songwriter, and singer.  “God Gave Me Wings”, the W.I.N.G.S. theme song, was written to remind us that it is God who causes us to triumph even in our darkest times!

Writing is another one of the passions of this lady. You will find her weekly devotional column, “On the Wings” in the local newspaper, The Chelsea Reporter. These and other devotionals can be read by going to the devotional section on this site.

Reba has a personal testimony of being released  from controlling fears that threatened doom in her thoughts and imprisoned her to live within the confines of limiting fear.  She developed phobias and resorted to compulsive behavior, all in an effort to quiet the fears and to bring safety and peace into her world.  One day God spoke to Reba is a very personal way, right in the middle of the mess, and brought to her specific steps to combat each fearful thought. Today she has walked past shame and intimidation, let go of the past, and is living without tormenting fears. She wants you to break out of fear’s prison.

If you would like Reba to share with your group, to have your own conference, or if you need a special article written, please feel free to contact her by clicking on the contact us link.